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CSMS #45271041 Additional Section 232 Steel and Aluminum Product Exclusions and Revisions to Exclusion Process

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The purpose of this message is to provide guidance on the Department of Commerce's December 14, 2020 provisional final rule issuing new Section 232 exclusions.
Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has granted 108 General Approved Exclusions (GAE) for steel products and 15 for aluminum products. Any importer can use General Approved Exclusions (GAE) and they have no quantitative limit. The exclusions are effective as of December 29, 2020 and no retroactive relief will be granted. Please review the list of excluded HTS in the attached chart.
When an importer declares excluded 10-digit HTS classification on an entry summary line, ACE will not require Section 232 tariffs for that line as long as the HTS is on the attached listing.
Information provided from CSMS# 45271041.
You can review the full Exclusion Process on this link.
Federal Register :: Section 232 Steel and Aluminum Tariff Exclusions Process

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