EL Paso, TX

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Services Available:

    • Automated Broker Interface
    • Automated Export System
    • Automated Clearing House
    • Electronic Data Interchange
  • CUSTOMS CONSULTING - Our customs experts can guide you
  • REAL TIME TRACKING - State of the Art Tracking Soft.


Freight Forwarding Services

  • World Air Freight
    • Consolidation Service
    • Import and Export
    • Door-to-Door
    • Express Service
  • Trans Border Truck Freight
    • Import and Export
    • Full Truck Load (FTL)
    • Less Than Truck Load (LTL)
  • World Ocean Freight 
    • Full Container Load (FCL) 
    • Less Than Container Load(LCL)
  • Value Added Services
    • International cargo insurance
    • Import / Export Permits

Warehousing and Distribution

  • Domestic and worldwide distribution Refrigerated Storage
  • Customs-bonded facilities Cross docking services
  • Container loading and unloading
  • 160,000 sq feet of warehousing space
  • Sorting, pick-and-pack and shrink wrapping services
  • 24/7 online inventory tracking and reporting system

General Office Contact Information

Main Office Number: (915) 858-1022

Customer Service FAX#:: (915) 859-5130

Warehouse FAX#: (915) 859-3256

Accounting FAX#: (915) 858-0083 

Cd. Juarez Mexico Office

Tel: 011-52-656-682-0840

Numero de FAX: 011-52-656-682-0073


El Paso Office
9630 Plaza Circle,
El Paso TX 79927
Phone: (915) 858-1022

Santa Teresa, NM.
2800 Airport Rd
Santa Teresa. NM 88008

Phone: (915) 780-3665

Department / Departamento Name / Nombre Position / Posicion Phone / Telefono E-mail / Correo Electronico
President Joe Alcantar Jr. License Broker (915) 298-6938 joea1@babinc.com
General Manager Angie Quintanilla License Broker (915) 298-6931 aquintanilla@babinc.com
IT Administrator Javier Enriquez BS CIS, CCS (915) 298-6921 javier@babinc.com
Import Department Emily Martinez ELP/ALBQ Operations (915) 298-6935 emily@babinc.com

Salvador Perez


Carlos Requena

Warehouse Operation Supervisor



(915) 298-6933





CSR Josh Avalos Santa Teresa NM. Office (915) 780-3665 j.avalos@babinc.com
Accounting Lafonda Milner Accounting Supervisor (915) 298-6927 lmilner@babinc.com
Cd. Juarez Operations Ivonne Tapia Office Supervisor 011-52-656-682-0840 ivonne@babinc.com

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