Nogales, AZ

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R.L. Jones Nogales Office
1590 W. Calle Plata, Ste. 2
Nogales, AZ 85621
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Commercial POE Hours of Operation


National & Global Logistics Division FS


  • Air Import & Export Logistics
  • Direct IATA and Consolidation Services from all US cities
  • Ocean import & Export (FCL & LCL Services)
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Customs Brokerage
  • LTL (Standard, Expedited and Consolidation (Canada/US/Mexico))
  • OTR (Standard, Team and Specialized Equipment (Canada/US/Mexico))
  • Warehouse/Distribution Services (Canada/US/Mexico)

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Department / Departamento Name / Nombre Position / Posicion Phone / Telefono E-mail / Correo Electronico
Management Gustavo Acosta General Manager (520) 281-2665 ext 108 gustavo@rljones.com
Accounting Leticia Machado Accountant

(520) 281-2665 ext 106

Import/Export Maria E. Marques Supervisor (520) 281-2665 ext 103 mariae@rljones.com
Import/Export Karla Nuñez Supervisor (520) 281-2665 ext 105 karlan@rljones.com
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